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If you ever need assistance or have questions, our PACT Member Support team is here to help. Here’s how you can contact us:

Option 1: Email Support

To reach our Member Support team via email, simply compose a message to [email protected]. Please include a clear and detailed description of your issue or question. Don’t forget to include your membership ID or any relevant information to help us assist you efficiently.

Option 2: Phone Support

If you prefer speaking with a support representative, you can call our Member Support hotline at (833)438-7228. Our friendly team will be ready to assist you during our regular business hours.

Option 3: Online Support Portal

We also offer an online support via The PACT app. Chat with a live agent to help you as needed!

Option 4: In-Person Support (if applicable)

Depending on your location, you may have access to in-person support at our physical locations. Please check our website or contact us for details on whether this option is available to you.

Tips for Effective Support:

  • Be clear and specific: When contacting us, provide as much detail as possible about your issue or question. This will help us understand your needs quickly.
  • Include your membership information: Always include your membership ID or any relevant account details in your communication to ensure we can assist you accurately.
  • Check our FAQs: Before reaching out, you may want to browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on our website. You might find answers to common queries there.
  • Stay patient: We are committed to resolving your inquiries as efficiently as possible, but please allow some time for our team to investigate and respond to your request.
  • Keep your contact information up to date: Ensure that your contact details in our system are accurate so that we can reach you promptly if needed.