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Pay Cards for Desktop and Tablet Users

Benefits to Worker:

  • Direct Deposit & Transferrable to other companies
    • Re-loadable – funds are directly deposited into pay card account (same sense as a direct deposit would)
  • Instant Funds available per the client-specified check date
    • For any corrections or missed payments, immediate payment deposit is available
      • We have a reserve account which has no wire cut-off times
  • Eliminates costs associated with check cashing if user doesn’t have a bank account
  • Linked to “MoneyPass” which provides:
    • Access to 37,000 surcharge-free MoneyPass ATMs across the country
    • Convenient deposits without a branch visit at thousands of MoneyPass ATMs
    • Easy-to-use online and app ATM locators 
  • Accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Reduces risk of fraud – PIN protection
  • Prepaid financial literacy education (Available but unsure if currently being leveraged or used as a selling point)
  • Money management tools (Available but unsure if currently being leveraged or used as a selling point)

How it works: Through Paylocity (similar to Direct Deposit)

  • Instant Issued pay cards, available on-site, after EE fills out a form
    • EE can reach out to company directly to request customized card with name information.
    • (If we have branded cards, not sure of internal process/price with Kurense to send back personalize, pact branded card – can follow up with account exec)
  • Paycard information (Account number, and routing number) is uploaded into the user’s dedicated payroll profile fields in Paylocity during the payroll onboarding process.
    1. This information is submitted one time and saved for each user.
    2. The fields are editable should changes need to be made.  
  • During the payroll process, the Client submits time card information, on behalf of the employee for that cycle.
  • Funds will deposit onto pay cards through an automated process on client’s specified “Check Date”
  • Once funds are released to employee, employee may use pay card as a debit or credit card, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.